Alejandro Borsani
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Alejandro Borsani (b. Argentina) is an artist and educator who explores the intersection of natural and artificial systems by creating videos, installations, sculptures, custom software and electronics. His research is driven by a curiosity about physical phenomena and the exploration of emergent technologies.

His works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (Buenos Aires, Argentina), VideoBrasil (São Paulo, Brasil), Villa Elisabeth (Berlin, Germany), Center for PostNatural History (Pittsburg, PA), ACM SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles, CA), 14th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology (New London, CT), Currents - The Santa Fe International New Media Festival (Santa Fe, NM), The Story of Light (Panjim, Goa, India), MOFO 2015 (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia), IDEAS_15 – International Digital Media and Arts Association (Johnson City, TN), Museo Histórico Cabildo (Montevideo, Uruguay), UMass Lowell (Lowell, MA).

Borsani currently serves as Assistant Professor of Experimental & Foundation Studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He was faculty in the Creative Computation Center at the Southern Methodist University and in the New Media Arts Program at the University of North Texas. Borsani holds a MFA in Electronic Arts from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2012) and a MFA in Electronic Visualization from the School of Art and Design of the University of Illinois at Chicago (2010). He also received a degree in Audiovisual Design from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires (2007).