Alejandro Borsani
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I wish Renee would come back from San Antonio

HD video, no sound
Duration: 15 minutes

As accomplished as modern-day computers are, there are some very basic things even the smartest machines have yet to master: judgment calls, advanced image recognition, psychological surveys, etc. These are tasks we humans can still claim as our own.
Since the mid 2000s a new service emerged to monetize these human skills, Crowdsourcing is a system by which extremely simple, mind-numbingly tedious jobs are outsourced to people that spend hours in front of a screen as human algorithms; an assembly line work, but for the mind instead of the hands.
Utilizing one of these platforms created by (called Amazon Mechanical Turk), online workers were hired to watch short videos of falling stars and think of a wish. The responses were collected and compiled in a video featuring each falling start and the worker’s wish. Each worker was paid 50 cents of a US dollar for his/her wish.
The videos of the falling starts were obtained from NASA’s All-sky Fireball Network, a network of cameras set up by NASA Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) with the goal of observing meteors brighter than the planet Venus.